YONDUR - A1 | FINE ART PRINT (84 X 41 cm)

YONDUR - A1 | FINE ART PRINT (84 X 41 cm)
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YONDUR was published in 2022 - the latest Incredible artwork from leading artist, Hazard, a.k.a Harriet Wood - recognised in The Guardian's Top 5 female graffiti artists in the UK.

This is a stunning print and is fast becoming a collectors item.

Dimensions: The image area including 1.5 inch border: 841mm x 411mm. Sizes are approximate.

Paper: Printed on 320 gsm premium fine art paper and a 100% cotton fibre construction that has the special feel you'd expect from a premium art paper. It is extremely resistant with a high stiffness. This paper is acid-free, contains no optical brighteners, and is FOGRA certified (colour certification).

This material meets Archival Standard 9706:1994.

Shipping: Special delivery.